Social Media Management

Start gaining a presence on social media that will generate sales.

These days, people spend more time on social media than ever before. Effective social media advertising creates sales for your business. Loop Creative can manage and execute an effective social media campaign for your business brand.

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    The Start Up

    From R650 Get Started

    Basic Package - 1 Social media platform management; 8 Posts per month; Monthly engagement Statistics; Created link to your website.

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    Mid Package

    From R3000 Get Started

    Mid Package - 2 Social media platform management; Link accounts between platforms; 16 Posts per month; Created link to website; Monthly engagement statistics.

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    Pro Package

    From R10 000 Get Started

    Pro Package - 3 Social media platform; Full set up & link between accounts; 32 Posts per month. Weekly automatic message; Monthly engagement statistics update.